At an early age, Pat first tackled the drums as his main instrument, developing the innate sense of rhythm and timing that is so evident today in his remarkable ability to hit poignant emotional cues.  He later included piano and guitar studies, spending two years learning harmony and classical composition from renowned European composers at the Basel Conservatory of Music.  Ultimately, Pat was eager to fine tune his skills in front of a live audience and formed the jazz/rock band Ramayana, which played such popular events as the Montreaux Jazz Festival and the Zurich Jazz Festival, as well as numerous clubs throughout Europe.  The influential Swiss composer/arranger and big band leader George Gruntz, who served as one of Pat's mentors, convinced him to further hone his talents through advanced musical education and recommended he attend the Berklee School of Music in Boston. There, Pat studied film music, delving in-depth into the emotional and technical aspects of composing for picture.

Pat relocated to Los Angeles in 1981 and studied with such virtuoso jazz guitar players as Pat Martino and Joe Diorio. Pat immersed himself in the local music community and began playing live and in the studio with such diverse artists as Gino Vannelli, Joe Vannelli, Jean Luc Ponty, Bonnie Hayes, L. Subramaniam, Gary Wright, David Liebman, Prince proteges Wendy and Lisa and writing string arrangements for Bjork.. Studying the varied styles and techniques of these artists inspired Pat to explore the technical side of recording and producing his own music.  Outfitted with a state-of-the-art studio, Pat had the freedom to fully realize his musical ideas. In 1994, he released a progressive pop/jazz instrumental CD called "Night of the Coral," produced by Joe Vanelli for Vie Records. 3 releases followed under his own label Blueblimp records: "Fairytales", an atmospheric, acoustic compilation, "Remote Control", a CD showcasing his more edgier,progressive pieces, and "Pyramids", a collection of richly rextured, atmospheric, acoustic music. "Pyramids" spent 2 months at #1 on the NAR chart. Pat makes his home in Los Angeles and is currently scoring , composing, producing  out of his own state of the art studio.

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Composer, arranger, producer and instrumentalist, Pat Thomi has a talent for creating music that inspires the listener to "see without looking," music that is so visually provocative, it can tell a story that transcends language, communicating through its sheer emotional impact and reinforcement of the visual.  His guitar performances have been featured in television commercials for such clients as Kawasaki, Mitsubishi and Chevrolet,  as well as such long-form projects as "The Final Cut," starring Sam Elliott, and the popular "Knight Rider" series.  With 4 solo albums to his credit, his music has been heard on radio worldwide with his 4th release "Pyramids" spending 2 months at #1 on the World Contemporary Instrumental charts. Most recently Pat has focused his considerable talents in the world of Film scoring such projects as the acclaimed PBS documentary "Speed" and  the independent film"Dry Long So," featured at the Sundance Film Festival.  Born and raised in Basel, Switzerland, Pat developed hisecclectic taste in music and gift for performance during a childhood rich in musical exposure. His father was an accomplished classical and jazz piano player and instilled in his son the basic foundation for any aspiring composer - a love of the great masters.  From Mozart and Wagner to Debussy and Berlioz, Pat studied them all.  But while he was firmly grounded in the classics, Pat found he also had a passion for his father's collection of jazz, and big band music, as well as bands such as The Beatles.

My music can range from dramatically complex to sweetly minimalist, but always is very visual. I try to weave an emotional thread that will evoke images and take you places, maybe someplace unexpected."