Journey into the "Pyramid Zone". On his Fourth release, Pat Thomi delivers a completely improvised and spontaneous recording of richly rextured, atmospheric, acoustic music. Totally self-produced, engineered, and arranged, "Pyramids" is beautifully recorded and played. A conceptual project, centering on the album's title, "Pyramids" was conceived as a 5 song "Quintology", each composition 9-10 minutes in length. From the fusionesque title track, to the seductive "Time", and finally, the ethereal "Ascension"; Each composition is enveloped in hypnotic grooves, sounds and rhythms with Pat's beautifully played Guitars and Sitars. #1 on the NAR World chart for 2 months, "Pyramids" was also featured on the program Echoes.


From the opening chords of Remote Control, Pat Thomi takes us on a voyage into the many styles and tapestries of his musical repertoir. Filled with driving uptempo tracks, great grooves, and stellar guitar playing, Remote Control, makes the transition to a Contemporary Pop/Rock Instrumental album. An ecclectic and progressive record, Remote Control is filled with great production, and Pat's distinctive fusion based influences.Other highlights from this album include the elegant "Lady M", layered with beautiful acoustic guitars, exquisite piano playing by L.A. Keyboardist Leon Bisquera, the acoustic inspired "Aria", and the opening track, "Love's Own Time", featuring vocalist Lynn Davis.


On his second release, "Fairytales", Guitarist and Composer Pat Thomi weaves an ambient web of ethnic percussion, lush keyboards and acoustic guitars. This mesmerizing collection of instrumental pieces, transports the listener away from the stresses of everyday life to other worlds and far away places. From the opening and surreal piece, "Twilight", to the closing composition, "In The Distance", Pat's sensitive and dramatic guitar playing, leave the listener relaxed, refreshed, and infused, by his own original brew of visually provocative, and sonically therapeutic music.


Pat Thomi's debut release, "Night Of The Coral", on Vie records. Co-produced with veteran keyboard player Joe Vannelli, the album is a collection of original compositions, in a progressive style, both eclectic and incredibly visual. The project, Pat says, began during his time working with Joe's brother, Artist, Gino Vannelli, but it was Joe's composition, "Out Of The Blue", that added the final touch to the project. From the sensitive "Sisters", to the magical "Nine Lives", and the title piece, "Night Of The Coral", The album credits a lineup of L.A. session greats Enzo Todesco/Drums, Tollak Ollestad/Chromatic Harmonica, Jimmy Haslip and Charles Frichtel/Bass, Joe Vannelli, and Rich Ruttenberg/ Keyboards.

PYRAMIDS - Blueblimp Records

REMOTE CONTROL - Blueblimp Records
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Pyramids Pyramids
Remote Control Remote Control
FairyTales Fairy Tales
Night of the Coral Night of the Coral
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